All About Paolo Soprani Accordions
All About Paolo Soprani Accordions

When it comes to Irish music, it is very hard to miss out the accordions. It is one of the main instruments that are used in Irish music. The first ever accordion was known to be possessed by an Austrian pilgrim and even his was a copy of he...

History of the Electric Guitar -...
History of the Electric Guitar - Music Technology

The fame of the electric guitar started in the big band era when guitarists wanted to amplify their guitars to compete with the large brass sections in jazz orchestras. Earlier, electric guitars were mainly made up of empty acoustic bodies with...

The Six Strings Of Rebellion
The Six Strings Of Rebellion

We all experience that indefinable urge to rebel during our teens, while most of us will grow out of it eventually, some never get over it. Even though the symbols of rebellion are many, however the one most teenagers relate best to is the Guitar!

How To Get The Perfect Tone On...
How To Get The Perfect Tone On Your Electric Guitar

Ever felt that your electric guitar is not giving you the tone you are looking for? There are various reasons as to why the tone may not be as awesome as you want it to be.

What to Look for While Buying an...
What to Look for While Buying an Electric Guitar

All that you need to know before you buy an electric guitar and a bit about brands like Fender electric guitars and Gibson Electric Guitars is what this article is all about. It is an almost comprehensive guide to buy an electric guitar.

Tascam DM-4800
Tascam DM-4800

The Tascam DM-4800 provides a comprehensive range of I/O facilities. For analog input the mixer features 24 balanced inputs; mic pre-amps, balanced line connections, and insert points. Both mic and line connections may be made to the same channel...

Choosing the Best Electric...
Choosing the Best Electric Guitar For Beginners

Wondering what is the best guitar for a beginner? Read on to find some tips that can help you choose the best electric guitars that could launch your new music career.

Violins of Italy: The Testore...
Violins of Italy: The Testore Family and the Great Violin Making Traditions

Italian violins from the 18t Century and earlier are very much sort after, commanding some very high prices for the top names. Some stand out more than others, most notably Stradivarius, Guanarius and Amati. After these and a few other Cremonese...

The Best Guitarists Of All Time
The Best Guitarists Of All Time

 Coming up with a list of the best guitarists of all time can be a challenging task, as it is often quite subjective and taking into consideration that there are many genres to choose from such as blues, jazz, rock, funk and classical. 

Oliver Sack's Musicophilia - Book Review

This is a book review of Oliver Sack's magnificent book Musicophilia. It highlights his experiences as a neurologist in the amazing field of music psychology.

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