Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist...
Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner Chats One on One

The ALL STAR ROCK TOUR arrives at Progress Energy Center's Mahaffey Theater this Saturday June 4th in St Petersburg.

Electro Acoustic Guitars - There...
Electro Acoustic Guitars - There Are Actually Different Types To Choose From

Popular music making has never been just about electric, acoustic, bass and electro acoustic guitars. It is interesting that in the 21st Century with pop music no longer considered a teenager fad, that some people still do not realise that there...

Unlock the Guitar

Unlock the Guitar

Hi, this is Mark and I have been playing the guitar for twenty years, when I first started to learn to play there were few places you could go however in today's world of technology you have all kinds of options. The first thing I can tell you is that if you want to learn fast be prepared to put in many hours of practice time.

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