How Power Amplifiers Create...
How Power Amplifiers Create Magnificent Sound Effects

Power amplifiers are the one which can convert low power frequency signals to higher frequency signals. Their categorization is based upon the amount of power delivered to the load. Classification of an amplifier is done based on linearity, signal...

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - Costly...
Vacuum Tube Amplifiers - Costly But True Value for Your Money

Vacuum Tube amplifier consists of vacuum tubes which are used to amplify audio, power and other alternating current signals before transistors were invented. This vacuum technology is still used by guitars. This tube amp basically operates on...

Guitar Amps
Guitar Amps

Guitar amps are used to amplify the sound of your guitars strings (via pickups). Amplifiers fall into three main varieties: Valve, Solidstate, Hybrid and Emulator.

How to Promote Your Band

How to Promote Your Band

Promoting yourself in the music industry is essential to success. The days of major labels ploughing hundreds of thousands into new bands have gone and more creative ways of promoting new music need to be used. Of course there are still some traditional methods that have merit... Let's take a look.

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