The Importance of Tuning Your Drums
The Importance of Tuning Your Drums

An amazing drum solo starts with a well-tuned drum set. Nothing is more annoying from an audience ear than the sound of a sloppy beat and out-of-synch drum work. That is why you always need to check the overall tone of your drum kit.

Famous Popular Drummers - The...
Famous Popular Drummers - The One's Who Made It To The Top

There are many famous drummers out there and each one of us may have a different opinion as to whose better than who. If you have a suggestion for a famous drummer and would like to list it, feel free to do so after reading the article below!

Black Leather Jackets - A Punk...
Black Leather Jackets - A Punk Rock Beginning Part 2: The Ramones

The Ramones or The Sex Pistols, which band was the godfather of Punk Rock? The age old question that music lovers have been arguing for the past 35 years. The boys in black leather jackets had both started in the mid 1970's and seemed to move an...

How To Get The Perfect Tone On Your Electric Guitar

How To Get The Perfect Tone On Your Electric Guitar

Ever felt that your electric guitar is not giving you the tone you are looking for? There are various reasons as to why the tone may not be as awesome as you want it to be.

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