Oliver Sack's Musicophilia -...
Oliver Sack's Musicophilia - Book Review

This is a book review of Oliver Sack's magnificent book Musicophilia. It highlights his experiences as a neurologist in the amazing field of music psychology.

Secrets Behind Bon Jovi's Longevity
Secrets Behind Bon Jovi's Longevity

Bon Jovi has been hailed as America's greatest rock band at home and abroad. Their success is based on the quality of musicianship, size of venues, giant screens surrounding a homey setting and the in-house composers who continue to produce a...

Winning Tactics For Practicing...
Winning Tactics For Practicing Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments with the youth. They invest a lot of time looking for the right guitar, amp, effects and sound but when it comes to practicing, they tend to get bored. They simply fail to understand that the...

Best Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash is a musical legend that will live on forever. Almost everyone has heard about "The Man in Black" and many of his songs are still played today. The dark attire he wore on stage earned him this nickname and his deep voice could never be mistaken for anyone else's.

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