Learn How to Play Like Jimi Hendrix
Learn How to Play Like Jimi Hendrix

This article will help you understand how to play like Jimi without even touching your guitar. Learn about the essence of playing like Jimi Hendrix in a story by Niki Buzz, former guitar player of Curtis Knight.

Guitar Tuning Methods - How To...
Guitar Tuning Methods - How To Tune Your Guitar Correctly

Many professional musicians tend to use electronic tuners to tune their guitars, (or get their roadies to do it); these can be purchased for a modest fee from most music shops. For most beginner or hobby guitarists the preferred method is by ear....

Beginning Guitar Check List
Beginning Guitar Check List

Going it alone as a very beginning guitarist can be tricky because you don't get your road map through the musical trip that a guitar tutor can offer. It's harder to master intermediate and advanced guitar techniques for those who do not have the...

Modern Music: Rock Rot
Modern Music: Rock Rot

Whenever I'm out driving and I listen to Modern Rock Radio one band always catches my ear; The Foo Fighters. I told my son one day when they came on and after I asked him who it was, "I think I like the Foo Fighters."

3 Simple Steps to Tune an...
3 Simple Steps to Tune an Electric Guitar

Novice guitar players usually have a problem with how to tune an electric guitar. However, this is an easy process that can be mastered with time and patience. Tuning an electric guitar can either be done electronically or manually. The first...

Elton John Concerts Return to...
Elton John Concerts Return to Las Vegas

If you've ever wanted to hear Elton John in concert you will now have the chance to watch him perform at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. After a successful tour, and new album the popular singer has just agreed to spend some time performing in Sin City.

How to Customise an Electric Guitar on a Budget

Customizing a guitar is a great way to add a personal touch to your instrument. Legendary guitar players Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen and Tom Morello all have customized guitars tricked out with thousands of dollars of special touches. Fortunately, giving a guitar a personal touch doesn't have to break the bank.

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