Guitar Buying - Getting Started...
Guitar Buying - Getting Started With A Practice Amp

If you have limited funds after guitar buying, but would like to own an amp, start out with what's known as a practice amp - one that has a decent feature set (tone controls, reverb, and two or more volume controls so that you can sculpt your...

Guitar Effects for Beginners - A...
Guitar Effects for Beginners - A Guide to Stomp Boxes and Multi-FX (Part 2)

In the last article I looked at the main types of effects you'll encounter for your guitar. Here I'll deal with the physical form these typically come in and I'll also, based on my personal experiences, recommend a few to get you started. Since as...

Best Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash is a musical legend that will live on forever. Almost everyone has heard about "The Man in Black" and many of his songs are still played today. The dark attire he wore on stage earned him this nickname and his deep voice could never be mistaken for anyone else's.

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