5 Reasons for Learning Organ...
5 Reasons for Learning Organ Improvisation

For many centuries improvisation on the organ has been an important requirement in organist position. Skills in improvisation enable an organist to fulfill the duties of an organist on a much higher degree. Before beginning to teach oneself...

Learn Guitar Strumming and...
Learn Guitar Strumming and Chords Using a Method Book

When it comes to learning anything new it's always a benefit to have a teacher or a good book or method that would include audios or videos. If you want to learn guitar strumming and chords it's the same.

Techniques That Will Make You a Technical Guitar Player

Techniques That Will Make You a Technical Guitar Player

The acoustic guitar is an amazing instrument. It allows people with limited knowledge the ability to be a rock star around the camp fire. But there is way more to it than just strumming the chords of Kumbaya. Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to make yourself a more technical guitar player.

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