Guitar Lessons Guide
Guitar Lessons Guide

This article aims to provide a guitar lessons guide. After you've read this article you'll be able to plan what you need to do you get good at the guitar. I only started to learn the guitar when I was about eighteen years told and I often wish...

Learn to Play Guitar in 6 Simple...
Learn to Play Guitar in 6 Simple Steps

This article will provide you with a good start in becoming a guitar player. Follow these six simple steps to learning to play the guitar and you will be well on your way to learning to play the guitar.

29 Ways to Make Money in the Music Industry

As an Assistant Professor of Recording Arts & Technology, one of the first thing I'm asked by parents of prospective students is whether or not it's possible to make a living in the music industry. Obviously, this is a difficult question. I can't promise anyone that they'll be able to make a living working in the music industry...

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