Winning Tactics For Practicing Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments with the youth. They invest a lot of time looking for the right guitar, amp, effects and sound but when it comes to practicing, they tend to get bored. They simply fail to understand that the type of guitar is not as important as the method of practice and techniques.

The following strategies will help you in understanding the correct way of practicing your beloved musical instrument and helping you in making fewer mistakes:

  • Firstly, you need to find a comfortable and quiet location and develop a practicing schedule on a regular basis. You should practice for a minimum of five days in a week. For those attempting to master acoustic guitars, need to practice everyday.
  • The practicing schedule must be done for a definite period of time every day and at the same time but make sure that you do not over-practice. The fatigue in your fingers and arms, even after rests indicate that the session is enough for that day.
  • You should concentrate on the practice and avoid feeling sleepy or bored. For many, the difficult part is to start practicing and gather the will to play once.

winning tactics for practicing guitar

  • Before starting the practice session, you must do some warm up exercise to prepare your muscles for the session.
  • To progress in every manner, do not stick to a particular exercise, instead opt for several things. At the starting point, opt for tunes which makes you feel relaxed and confident and then opt for the difficult ones. Practicing the same tune repeatedly out of frustration can lead to bad feelings and play.
  • If you are making mistakes repeatedly, stop playing that piece and take rest or opt for some easier tunes that are really enjoyed by you.
  • Exploring the tunes on your guitar can lead to richer and powerful sounds of chords, so you must try playing different keys and chords. The interest to discover and learn can lead you to turn some ideas into new chords and tunes. To make your music more enjoyable, you can opt for playing similar tunes that are capable of creating a theme.
  • Another way of practicing is either by forgetting that anyone else is present in the room, thereby not making you ashamed of your mistakes or imagining yourself playing for your desired audience in order to bring out the best in you.
  • The guitar practicing session should be enjoyable and entertaining for you. You should also remember that mastering this art can take years, so you must not be impatient.

You should be concentrating in bringing out the more natural sound of the guitar to become a true guitarist. For searching the true sound, you should focus on your practice and techniques rather than the effects. These tips would surely help you in practicing guitar more dedicatedly.

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by Tania B Parsons; Thursday, April 28, 2011 @ 09:39 AM [20068]

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