What You Should Learn From Your First Flute Lessons

It is very exciting to learn how to play the flute and there are a few things you can expect to be introduced to in your first flute lessons.

The Embouchure or How to Use the Mouthpiece Properly

The Flute is an interesting instrument known as the oldest musical instrument found in human history. Although different types of flutes are played differently, you will be taught about the embouchure which is the way in which a musician applies their mouth to a brass or woodwind instrument.

What You Should Learn From Your First Flute Lessons

A flute which is used in symphonic orchestra and small chamber music ensembles should be played using the same method you would attempt to create a sound by blowing over a bottle. Your teacher will show you this special technique which eventually will become second nature to you. At first it can be awkward learning to purse your lips in the right way but with practice it will make you a phenomenal flute player.

Learning to Read Music and Understand Melody And Rhythm

Another important aspect of learning to play the flute will be to learn the basics of reading music, how to read melody and rhythm and to understand musical terms like forte or pianissimo which tell the player how lour or soft to play their instruments.

You can spend a lifetime learning music theory, but the basics in music notated with western style are universal. You will also learn basic fingerings for chords and scales, for what is called the Boehm-system or any other style your teacher decides to educate you in. Did you know, for instance, that you can only play a low B note on a flute with a special footjoint which is not always found on regular flutes?

You will learn about the Briccialdi lever, the place your thumb rests on the back of the flute, named after a famous Italian flutist and how to read notes on a basic G cleff. You will learn the difference between a quarter note and a quarter rest as well as other important musical notation. You will also learn to play in a way that conveys passion and feeling instead of just reading notes off a page - after all this alone, is not music. your first flute lessons will help you gain the basic foundations to play this popular instrument.

It is the heart and soul which must be put into the music once technical aspects are mastered that really makes the master musician stand out from the crowd. The longer you play the flute and the more second nature music theory becomes, the more free you will be to express your own musicality, and really enjoy playing your flute.

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Whether you are a beginner or want to refresh your skills, both adults and children can work towards ABRSM exams or learn to play for fun.

by Robert Playford; Saturday, March 31, 2012 @ 09:51 AM [2385]

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What You Should Learn From Your First Flute Lessons

What You Should Learn From Your First Flute Lessons

This article will give you an insight into what you should expect from your first few flute lesson. Topics covered include an introduction playing the flute and understanding basic music theory.

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