The Problem With Using Guitar Lessons Online

If you are learning to play the guitar, either for the first time or perhaps to extend your guitar playing expertise, then you may have considered taking advantage of the many guitar lessons online. A quick search on Google or any other search engine reveals millions of results for any search for guitar lessons online, and whilst at first this may seem good and very tempting, there's a danger.

The internet is chock full of information, how to videos, instructional videos, video tutorials and so on. Virtual libraries stacked full of information just a click away. Much of this information is free, but there's a downside to this wealth of information. Because the internet is open access.

You don't need qualifications to get on the internet, you don't need to prove your credentials to upload a tutorial and no one is going to throw you off the internet for posting stuff that's inaccurate or inadvisable. So whilst there may well be many thousands of really helpful, valuable and recommended guitar lessons online, there are also many more that should be avoided. You will find that many of the online video guitar lessons are actually posted by people who have only really just begun playing themselves.

There's nothing inherently wrong with this of course. If you were practising with a few friends then you'd probably learn from each other in much the same way. But somehow the fact that the video has been created and published online adds a little credence, and whilst many of us approach the content on the web with more than just a cynical bucket of salt, it's still easy to take on board ideas, tips and advice about playing the guitar which really are best avoiding.

If you have ever learnt to play guitar then in the early stages you probably found it quite difficult to hold the guitar, to get your fingers around the fret board and to play the right chords in a way that didn't sound too much as though you were mutilating a stray cat. It would have been tempting to try some shortcuts, to cheat a little, or to get sloppy and start accepting sub standard playing. If you watch some of the online video guitar lessons posted by people who themselves have only learnt guitar through the same sort of process then you could find that your assumptions, cheats and shortcuts are not questioned, not addressed or not challenged.

The quality of play may be little better than your own, but you may find yourself taking on board a few tips and applying them to your own playing. Bad habits are the worst kind of habit to have because they're the hardest habits to break. Once you've picked up a bad habit everything else starts to build on that method or approach, making it very much harder in the future to adapt your playing. It's important to learn right from the beginning what the best way of playing guitar is, and what you shouldn't be trying or accepting.

If you're looking for guitar lessons online then you need to be very much more cynical and more cautious about the quality and validity of the advice and training being offered. Whilst websites such as YouTube seem easy and tempting it's often better not to take advantage of such resources, at least not exclusively. Instead of looking for guitar videos online on sites such as YouTube it's usually best to look for sites dedicated to the subject exclusively, offering high quality online video guitar lessons as an exclusive topic, as you're more likely to find that someone who has created a full website of guitar videos is more likely to be offering a better quality type of tutorial, giving you a much better start.

the problem with using guitar lessons online

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by Justin Arnold; Wednesday, July 20, 2011 @ 07:55 AM [2188]

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