The Disadvantages of Guitar Scale Mastery

I am a hobbyist guitar player. I took an interest in guitar scale mastery during a concert which I visited with my friends some months back. Being a college professor, I really don't have time to attend some kind of school to pursue my passion. I was looking online for a distance learning course which would enable me to learn to play guitar to an acceptable level. Some months back I visited an Internet music forum where this guy told me about a method which isn't like a course but rather a self learning tool. He being the moderator of the forum, was credible enough for me to give it a try.

I thought I would share my experience of guitar scale mastery with people who are seeking information on how to find appropriate resources for their music craving. First thing I noticed about the program was that it was not really constructed as a course. A newsletter to be more accurate, it contained reviews about different resources which can be used by aspiring guitarist to quickly learn about playing the guitar. The advantage was that players can get feedback on what tools and tutorials are available and which ones were good enough to examine in detail.

the disadvantages of guitar scale mastery

At first I was disappointed that there is really no direct learning involved using the newsletter. After all I could Google the information but then I started to look at the reviews closely and then I realized that the reviewers were knowledgeable people who knew what is best for beginners. The reviews are about free resources as well as paid options. Getting to know beforehand that a paid option is not really worth spending money on is an excellent opportunity to safe some bucks.

The newsletter contains tips for new and upcoming guitarist and they are sometimes good enough in that they allow you to play a tune better. Don't expect in-depth lessons though. They are just snippets of advice from professionals. The editor pieces are usually the ones I am interested in. They are the ones I find the most entertaining.

They have recently added some guitar learning resources in the member's area which can be used as a reference. Again if you going to subscribe thinking that you will have a class room designed course, you will be disappointed but if you want to know about the tools and resources available online for you to take a look at, you can visit them and check if something catches your interest.

Guitar Scale Mastery is an online course that helps you to improve your guitar scales skills. Please visit the Guitar Scale Mastery review website for more information.

by Dale Longman; Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @ 07:02 AM [2610]

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