Playing Guitar Is Fun AND Teaches Discipline

Like many people out there I had always thought that playing the guitar would be an awesome thing to do. In the right hands they make the best of sounds and that's the key, "right hands." I always wanted to learn to play the guitar but didn't have much discipline for it. I also had too many other things that I wanted to do that didn't take as much effort to learn (action figures, collectible cards, e.t.c.) Fortunately, I've grown up... a little bit... and now I have a guitar that I can call my own.

I got my first acoustic guitar for Christmas last year. It has been quite possibly the best material gift that I have ever received. The guitar I got is made by Johnson and is based on the basic dreadnought style but slightly smaller than standard. It's designed for novice guitarists such as myself to learn how to handle a string instrument before moving on to a larger full size guitar. As soon as I got it I signed up for a local college class for some intense instruction. While I didn't learn as much as I feel that I should have (I never do) I did learn quite a bit, and since the end of the semester I have practiced quite frequently in my free time.

playing guitar is fun and teaches discipline

One of my favorite ways to practice playing the guitar is to simply grab the instrument, the tuner, and my laptop. Then I search the Internet for the chords of different songs that I like, and want to play, and then I do my best to play them. Sometimes I've surprised myself and I sound very decent, and other times are more difficult. It is simply amazing how much goes into playing the guitar. There are so many different techniques and skills involved. The basic skill of guitar playing is playing chords. In the beginning it'll kill your fingers, but they'll get used to it.

Although, I don't recommend doing what I've done by playing for hours a day when you're still a beginner. Not to say it hasn't been worth it, because playing the guitar is a blast. If your goal is to continuously get better and better than playing the guitar will be a definite challenge, but it is definitely worth the hard work. If you, or your child, or your friend needs or wants a cool new hobby then try out guitar playing It's a great way to learn discipline while having fun, and you can learn to play some of your favorite songs along the way.

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by Jacob R Long; Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 07:54 AM [1955]

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