Learning Jazz Guitar

For those who want to learn how to play jazz guitar music, jazz guitar books can be a helpful start if you understand what they are saying and have the patience to learn. However, after you download a pure pitch course, you can learn to play "by ear". Mastering any music is possible just from listening to it, especially if you are able to develop perfect pitch, also known as absolute pitch. Perhaps you have a musical ear, in which event it's immediately possible to hear your favorite songs and start playing, without even learning how to read musical scores.

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There are facts you might be surprised to learn about, hearing a pitch and immediately recognizing it or playing it. More than 50% of today's recording artists are able to accurately identify pitches or play "by ear", versus reading musical scores. Up to 40% of the members in a symphony orchestra have absolute pitch skills that were developed. Jimi Hendrix never learned how to read written scores of music. He could listen to a band and play their songs within an hour of hearing them. These are just a few of the amazing facts you will understand, once you download the pure pitch course secrets.

If you have heard absolute pitch and relative pitch used at different times, it helps to understand the meanings. Absolute pitch is hearing a tone and being able to identify it, while relative pitch is learning the relevance of a note to a certain pitch. For example, if you recognize "middle C" as an absolute pitch, you could figure out that a note to harmonize is a couple of notes (tones) above it or below it.

Start Playing While Learning

You may wonder what this has to do with learning how to play jazz guitar or jazz guitar books. It is only meant to show you that it's possible to use your hearing to start playing some of your favorite tunes. There are some guitarists who are able to pick up an instrument and pick out the tune, because they listen to jazz music, everyday.

If you have a musical ear, it's possible to download the pure pitch course and start playing your favorite tunes, without special training and without learning how to read a musical score. Most people say you are born with this natural musical ability, but it's possible to learn the ability, with a logical method that is quick and yet will enable you to start playing jazz guitar in a short amount of time.

If you have tried to learn ear training in the past, the "pure pitch" method is different because it doesn't require months of listening to music, in order to start playing it. You can see a gradual progression of your skills, while you are seeing improvement in your ability to recognize absolute and relative pitches. This keeps you interested and helps you quickly learn to play songs.

You can learn to visualize sounds in your mind and put notes with them, by finding an easily-recognizable anchor note, such as "middle C". You don't need to order a jazz guitar book to start playing your favorite jazz music, because you will be able to hear the melodies and pick them out, using your own abilities of pitch recognition, once you download a pure pitch course and develop your natural abilities.

Guitar for Everyone, Just Easier for Some

It does not matter if you do not have the background or natural abilities, it is simply a decision to start on the road and work hard, yet some may be surprised it is easier when they discover they are also blessed with natural talent. Enjoy!

About the author: Ronald enjoys playing music and encourages others to experience the same pleasure.
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by Ronald G Heron; Tuesday, November 8, 2011 @ 09:19 AM [2468]

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