Learn to Dance - Basic Rock Step and Body Roll

Dancing can be a lot of fun. And the best part is, it is a lot easier to learn how to dance than most people think. From your favorite dancers on TV, to music videos, to America's best dance crew, most dance moves start with the rock step and the body roll.

Below, you will learn how to do a basic rock step first, and then you will transition into a body roll, where you will be using your hips, back, and chest all at once to accentuate one smooth movement. The body roll is a difficult move to master, but once you do, you will be the envy of all of your friends.

Get comfortable, relax, and have fun.

learn to dance basic rock step and body roll

First, put on your favorite song, one that generally has a slower beat so that you can take your time and learn this move properly.

Then, position your legs about shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and gently start to bounce. Then put your hands on your hips and start to rock from left to right. If you are feeling a little stiff, you can use your hands to push your hips. Make sure to bend those knees while you are doing this move. Try to accentuate those hips and you'll notice that you're using your butt as well.

Now try bringing one foot in. Your feet will be together now. Now rock from side to side with both feet together. You'll be doing the same movement as before, but in a new position. Now try brining one foot forward and continue the same exact motion while one foot is forward. Keep the knees bent while you practice using your hips and creating a smooth position.

Once you master this basic step, you'll be able to use it as the basis for the body slide. The body slide the go to move for practically every dancer. When I want to have fun, feel sexy, and really show off, I go with the body slide move. Here is how to do it:

Start with your feet apart. Then, sit into the right hip. There are three elements in this move, the butt the hip and the chest. Start by sitting on your right foot. From here, we will stand up and eventually push out with our chests. Start off by really pushing into your hip. Then, while transitioning up, roll up while pushing out your pelvis and arching your back. Then complete the move by pushing out your chest. When you've completed the roll up, your knees should be straight. On the way back down, create a seductive pause, and then repeat the move from the beginning. Just remember, sit, hip, chest.

Use your hands to create a sensual, flirty vibe. Start with your hands by your thighs and then bring your hands up slowly. You may want to do the body roll three, four times, before your hands come up all of the way. You can use one hand, or you can use two, Use them to caress your body and play with your hair. Remember to work your hands in slowly and sensually and they will look good no matter what you do.

You'll have to practice this move a few times to get it right. Use a mirror as it will help you progress. You can also check out various instructional dance DVDs that can show you how to complete this move.

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by Nicole Gudetti; Thursday, May 5, 2011 @ 12:04 AM [6974]

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