Learn How to Play Like Jimi Hendrix

In order to play like Jimi, you need to set up a few parameters. First of all you must understand sound and how it can paint a picture. There are only two types of energy in the universe. Light and sound.

Music can tap into all emotions and imaginations, and Jimi Hendrix understood this and used this concept in order to express his thoughts to the audience via his guitar. He referred to this as being experienced. Thus you have the title of his band "The Jimi Hendrix Experience". Therefore Jimi was inviting you to experience life through his eyes via his guitar.

Learn How to Play Like Jimi Hendrix

The bass player and a drummer that you choose in order to complete your three-piece band is extremely important for this concept to to be effective. The bass player must understand his role in the support of the guitar and the drummer must understand his role in keeping the groove steady. Together they can create a hypnotic effect which is the foundation for the guitar to paint the beautiful colors and emotions that ride above the hypnotic bed.

The best example of this is on the "Band of Gypsies Album". Listen carefully to the song entitled "Machine Gun". This song opens the door to the experience of a Vietnam citizen trying to defend his home, his family, and his country against overwhelming odds. Jimi literally let's you feel all of the pain these citizens were going through, including the ripping of their flesh by the bullets that were being used to destroy them.

All of this Jimi Hendrix was able to portray with his guitar. However this would not have been possible if Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell were not able to lay down the hypnotic bed of sound that Jimi needed in order to paint the picture.

The guitar like all instruments mimics the human voice. Jimi Hendrix's guitar was his voice. In "Machine Gun" the guitar cries, shoots bullets, drops bombs, and at the same time gives you the most beautiful musical experience one could ever hope to encounter.

When you are playing like Jimi, it is imperative that you let the music take you on a ride. This is about losing control and letting the music take control. You do not play the guitar, the guitar plays you. When you allow the guitar to play you, then all of your emotions, your ideas, the very essence of your being, comes through the guitar and reaches the audience that is before you.

This is the only way, to play like "Jimi Hendrix".

This tutorial was writen by Niki Buzz with co-writer Martin Seij. Together with Winston Scholsberg they have an international tribute band called Play Like Jimi.

On the band's official website you will find the tourdates, bio and a lot of usefull information about Jimi Hendrix. For example you will find tutorials and tabs and interesting merchandise all gathered in one place online.

With this online meeting place all Jimi's fans can experience the music, emotions and imaginations once again as Play Like Jimi will bring back the experience to you.

by Martin Seij; Friday, September 14, 2012 @ 07:58 AM [20375]

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