Learn Guitar Strumming and Chords Using a Method Book

When it comes to learning anything new it's always a benefit to have a teacher or a good book or method that would include audios or videos. If you want to learn guitar strumming and chords it's the same.

Start With Easy

When you are learning to play chords and guitar strumming patterns you want to begin with the easiest ones first. This will build your confidence and give you an "I can do it" attitude.

With the guitar, the easiest chords to begin with are Em and A7. The easiest rhythm is down - down - down - down.

Truthfully, guitar is a relatively easy instrument to learn. You can learn a dozen chords and a few ways to strum and have a lifetime of fun.

However if you learn a couple of dozen chords and barre chord positions and a dozen more strum patterns you will be able to play millions of songs. This is not an exaggeration at all.

learn guitar strumming and chords using a method book

Find a Good Method Book to Learn From

If you have the right method book you can triple how quickly you can learn guitar strumming. With the right method, as you go through each lesson, each step will build on the last and it will get progressively more challenging but because you are building up to that challenge you'll always be ready to meet it.

The best way to learn guitar is with chord diagrams and photos and diagrams of the strumming motion and an audio track to listen to.

Practice Your Chords and Strum Patterns Over And Over

When you practice the guitar, practice your chords and practice your strumming over and over again. The objective is to get so comfortable that you don't have to think about it any more.

At first, think about what you are doing. When you play a chord pick each note individually. Each note should be clear. You may have to tweak the position of your fingertips. Eventually you'll find that "sweet spot." Keep practicing. Our brains are marvellous. After numerous repetitions your fingers will just go there.

Guitar strumming is the same thing. At first you'll likely stop strumming momentarily as you go from one chord to the next. As you get better, force yourself to keep the strumming going and get your hand playing the chord to keep up with the strumming.

Have Fun

After all it's called playing the guitar.

If you are having trouble getting something to sound right ask another guitar player or go to your local music store and ask them. Guitar players really like showing each other stuff and helping newer players.

And finally let me emphasize that when you see a good player playing and he or she makes it look so easy, don't assume that it was easy for them. We all had challenges learning. It didn't necessarily come easy but it certainly came with practice!

Just keep at it. I've never met anyone who really wanted to learn to play not be able to learn. After all there are guitar players who have no arms and they play with their toes. (Check out YouTube)

We humans are truly amazing creatures. It's amazing what we can do when we set are minds to it. That is why I can sincerely say to you, if you want to learn guitar strumming and chords - You Can Do It!

If you would like to learn guitar strumming and chords faster than you thought possible please check out my website at http://guitar-strumming-patterns.com. While there, please download my FREE eBook "Guitar - How to Get Started" and the email mini course "7 Useful Beginner Guitar Tips." They're filled with lots of useful knowledge, advice and tips.

by Brian Hawthorn; Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 10:01 AM [2285]

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