How to Teach Yourself Guitar: 3 Essential Tips

The guitar is one of today's most played instruments across all genres of music. If you are a music enthusiast, how to teach yourself guitar playing and how to play electric guitar for beginners could be high on your list of the things to do right now.

How to Teach Yourself Guitar: 3 Essential Tips

For many, learning how to play the guitar could be quite a daunting task, but accomplishing this provides many people with a great sense of satisfaction and self-esteem. It allows them to become popular among friends and learning to play the guitar gives them the opportunity to more of the person they hoped to be.

How to teach yourself guitar is actually a huge task for some, but if you're really interested in learning to play the guitar, here are the things you need to keep in mind: Set a goal, set a system for learning, and modeling.

Setting a goal

When you set out to learn how to play electric guitar for beginners, for example, set a goal of learning the basics for beginners within an achievable timeframe. Your goal could be to learn the basics of guitar in three months. Be specific with your goal by writing down the exact date when you want to finish the guitar course for beginners. Write down your goal where you can see it everyday, and do this for the next set of goals for the succeeding levels of your guitar learning.

Setting a system for learning

Achieving success for learning how to teach yourself guitar can be significantly achieved if you commit to setting a system for learning. You don't have to learn the guitar daily, but you need to set up a learning system on a consistent basis to allow you to maintain your enthusiasm and avoid getting burned out. You can start by setting two hours every other day for guitar practice. If you're learning with a tutor, you can arrange for that sort of schedule. If you're learning by yourself, you can break down the lessons so that you learn them consistently according to the constant pace you prefer.


Modeling is a powerful technique used by many popular guitarists. They pick their favorite guitarists and model their guitar playing after them. By modeling, you pick a certain playing style by your favorite guitarist that you want to mimic by listening closely how they play a tune as well as by watching closely the videos showing how they play those tunes. Even guitar legend John Mayer admitted to copying the styles of Eric Clapton.

You too can learn how to teach yourself guitar in no time by staying committed and consistent in your quest towards achieving success.

You too can learn how to teach yourself guitar and become the guitar player you always have hoped to become. Learn how to play electric guitar for beginners and other guitar techniques by visiting today.

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