How to Promote Music Production on Facebook

Ever wonder how many producers make a living from using Facebook pages? Well don't be left out with some free information. Facebook is estimated have over 800 million users total throughout the world. Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to have the ability to reach these individuals to offer your music production, such as your beats? But not just any individuals, individuals who want exactly what you have to offer. Sounds exciting yet? What if I told you it's possible and not very hard at all? What if I told you, you only need a few bucks to get started? Would you believe me? Well, lets see.

How to Promote Music Production on Facebook

Before we dig anywhere into, let's make sure we have a great landing page for visitors to reach and see your music. You can use a sound-click profile, but in this case, I would suggest designing a page just for the sake of obtaining different "likes" and having more abilities to promote your page. You can find a cheap designer on and pay only $5 for a page. Please note, I am not speaking about another Facebook account as a whole, I am referring to a page where you can accumulate "likes" and link to your account.

Next, go to your regular screen after logging in and look on the side of the screen next to the ads. There should be a button named "create ads". Open that screen up into a separate window of your browser. Use your other browser window and click on the search panel. Once you reach this step, you need to do research and look for any "interests", "groups", or other " pages" that are relative to your niche. In this case, you're a music producer, so you're going to look for pages with "Music Artists" in them such as the page "I Am A Rapper" or the interest page "Rapper". Once you find a descent amount of these pages with a targeted audience, open up the "create ad" window we spoke of earlier. As you design the ad, scroll down and notice there's a section for you to add the "interests" or "groups" so you can target the ad to those users directly. Add the pages and interests you've accumulated when you did your research to the target audience section.

As you can see, you are able to change many options corresponding to what you're looking for. Once you finish this part and choose a budget for your campaign, you are ready to send your ad out to the public and start receiving targeted traffic to your page! Next step is to simply sit back, and gain fans/sales. Once your page has hit 1,000 users, this can be great income whenever you have new music to promote. Just simply post to the wall for everyone to see or message them directly to receive sales. There are other numerous ways to promote yourself on social networks such as that can make you millions with enough effort that I haven't wrote about on here. But nothing comes easy!

If you're interested in more Marketing information, visit! They provide a video and free drum kits!
Good Luck and God Bless!

by Jae A Copeland; Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 08:11 AM [2601]

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