Guitar Guide: How to Play Electric Guitar for Beginners

For many guitarists, they prefer the electric guitar because it offers lots of versatility over a conventional acoustic guitar, giving it the ability to be played across all types of genres. The versatility of guitar is owed to its electronic way of reproducing sound that which allows it to give off thick distorted sounds often heard in most rock and metal music, and crisp but sweet-sounding effects often hear in many blues tunes. That's why when learning how to play blues guitar, the electric guitar is almost always the instrument of choice by many.

Guitar Guide: How to Play Electric Guitar for Beginners

There are certain ways to play the electric guitar. For some, the surest way to learn how to play the guitar is by first choosing the genre to begin with, choosing between video or an actual tutor and by modeling the guitar playing style after a famous guitar player.

Choosing the genre to begin with

In many cases, famous guitar players learned the art of playing the guitar because they were influenced by their favorite artist or band. Many of today's metal guitarists, for example, decided they wanted to play the guitar because they were influenced by Black Sabbath or by Metallica's Kirk Hammet. Other chose to learn how to play blues guitar because they were deeply influenced by B.B. King or by Eric Clapton. It's almost always easy to learn the guitar by first determining which genre you are most influenced by.

Choosing between an actual tutor or a video tutorial

Not all beginners can afford the costs of an actual tutor. Fortunately, there are lots of affordable video tutorials on learning how to play the electric guitar, available either on DVD or via the internet. The beauty of learning from videos is the flexibility it offers so you can learn at your own pace. On the other hand, the great thing about learning with a tutor is the personalized way that the tutor is presenting the lessons so that no matter what learning style you need, the tutor can instantly adapt.


Perhaps one of the best and surest ways to learn electric guitar playing is by picking an electric guitarist to model your playing after. If you wish to play neo classical guitar, you can choose to learn from Yngwie Malmsteen's style. If you wish to play grunge, you can choose to model your playing after Kurt Cobain or Noel Gallagher's styles.

Learning how to play electric guitar for beginners is easy if you just follow these steps and commit to learning in consistent way. By following these tips you will find that learning to play the guitar is not only enjoyable, but also easy.

Looking to resources on how to play electric guitar for beginners? is an online resource that shows you the basics of guitar playing, whether you are looking for resources on acoustic guitar to how to play blues guitar.

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