Country Guitar Lessons Online

If you are interested in taking country guitar lessons then there are a few different options available to you. In this article we'll discuss how to go about finding the best quality lessons and how much you should expect tot pay for them.

Country Guitar Lessons Online

The first thing to realize is that not all guitar lessons are created equally. It's true that taking private lessons where it is just you and a guitar teacher in the room is normally the fastest and most efficient way to learn guitar in any style of music however when it comes to country guitar which is more specialized you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of not having a qualified teacher living close by to you. The only other option therefore is to teach yourself.

In this scenario it's best to combine different learning methods together. For example, it's a good idea to combine learning from books, DVDs and online video guitar lessons. Today on the Internet there are a wide variety of guitar websites offering tuition in how to play country guitar. Many times the memberships to these sites are subscription-based however it's also possible to buy standalone products which you can download to your computer.

The best way to begin is to start by learning the most common country guitar chords and you will normally learn these on an acoustic guitar. The second thing to get down will be the most popular strumming patterns used to play early country hits from artists like Hank Williams. These are often the easiest songs for beginners to manage. Once you can combine chords and strumming together so that the progressions you play are smooth and uninterrupted you'll suddenly find that there are many hundreds of classic country songs which you will be able to play.

There are some very important techniques to master when it comes to playing this style of music. For example, country guitar is full of alternating bass notes which occur with in the chord shapes themselves and for every chord there is always at least two different bass notes which you can alternate between. One of the early difficulties you could face is to learn how to effortlessly go between each of these notes while still keeping your strumming and rhythm intact.

Another classic technique is that of bass runs. These short lines help to connect chords together in a way which sounds very logical to the ear. Of all the things you will learn when you first start off in country guitar, bass runs and alternating bass notes are the 2 most important. Learning to last attempt will give you an instantly recognizable country guitar sound.

In terms of cost you will find that most guitar websites charge a monthly recurring fee of around $15-$20. Standalone products which you can pay for just once and download to your computer will only run anywhere from $27-$47.

There are many free samples of country guitar lessons on the Internet. Click the link provided to try 2 of them out for yourself. One of them will teach you a classic strumming pattern while the other is all about easy country guitar songs.

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