2 Crucial Exercises in Singing

Breathing and listening exercises are very important for individuals who wish to take up singing seriously or even as a career choice. Breathing exercises will help strengthen the lungs so that they can expand to their full capacity and hold in air without making the voice break. Listening exercises are performed so that you can train your ear to identify the note playing which will help you in correcting your own notes when going off. We need to train our ears to listen and not only hear, absorb what we are listening to identify with it. Given below are some breathing and listening exercises to help you start your own training.

2 Crucial Exercises in Singing

Breathing Exercises

Proper breathing involves the right posture and breathing through your diaphragm instead of chest, usually when people inhale and exhale, their chests rise and fall, this is an improper technique of breathing; the right way involves the stomach or abs going in while inhaling and back to their original position while exhaling. Singing requires fast inhalation and slow exhalation, so that the sound quality is excellent without any breaks. One exercise involves lying flat on your back and placing your hands on your waist with your fingers pointing towards your belly button, inhale slowly until you feel your stomach fill up with air and your belly rise and chest expand from front and side, then slowly exhale, count to five and then repeat this exercise ten times, one should practice this initially twice a day and then increase it slowly, try to complete at least three sets daily with the counts rising regularly.

Another exercise that involves correct breathing involves pretending to blow into a balloon so filling up air in your lungs and then slowly and steadily exhaling so that you can hold in the air and slowly release it to suit the pitch of your song verses.

Listening Exercises

One of the most common listening exercises involve playing a key on the piano and matching your pitch to it, mimic the sound that you are listening to, once you are sure you have achieved the right pitch, try singing on the same pitch with an 'aah' sound, in this way, you will be able to detect a given note correctly all the while not being dependent on the piano or any other instrument to sing the correct pitch and notes.

You need to constantly practice these exercises in order to succeed, even after you are completely trained it is essential to do these exercises along with warm ups and cool downs so that your body is in shape to take on the strain of singing, but if you exercise well, you don't end up straining your vocal chords or throat.

The breathing and listening exercises help in training you body and respiratory system to take on the challenge of singing. Proper breathing and listening exercises can help you succeed as a singer. Breathing and listening exercises are essential to develop proper singing skills.

by Barbara Shirley; Monday, April 9, 2012 @ 11:12 AM [19831]

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