Why More And More People Are Turning To Vinyl Records Again

Collecting vinyl music is more popular today than you might think. With digital music, you have a way to locate and download music faster than ever. Vinyl albums are still popular for a number of different reasons. Things like nostalgia, sound quality, and the tangibility of a product are just a few reasons. No matter how fast music technology seems to get, vinyl albums seem to have a staying power that lasts. With Amazon and other huge retailers selling vinyl LP's, there is no sign that this is a fad that will go away.

why more and more people are turning to vinyl records again

Vinyl albums allow music listeners to have a unique experience that is impossible with digital downloads. Buying an album gives you the feeling that you own a bit of your favorite musician or band while making you feel nostalgic for the older days. When you buy an album, you get to enjoy cover artwork as well as additional items inside. Many times, a newer vinyl will include a free digital download so that you can have both media.

Record collecting can be a very expensive hobby to get into. Elvis or Bob Dylan vinyl has been known to go for really high prices on sites like eBay. Some Beatles records are known to be worth up to $40,000. Most collectors look for records from the 1960's and 1970's. Even some new vinyls can go for a high price. A Madonna or White Stripes vinyl can also be sold for much more than you would think.

Music lovers are collecting vinyl albums today for many different reasons. Many people like collecting simply because they enjoy music. Others like the high quality sound that you can't get from digitally compressed music. You will find that professional DJ's, for instance, collect thousands of albums to work with a finer quality sound. Many people collect for a living, and make a large profit from buying and selling. Consumers also frame them and use them as decorative wall art at home and in offices. There is nothing better for music fans than having a room full of vinyl records.

It is easy to understand why so many music lovers are returning to vinyl. More and more online vendors are selling vinyl records. As a collector, you can find informative resources in magazine publications dedicated to vinyl records. If you are looking for a White Stripes vinyl or a vintage Bob Dylan vinyl, they are easier to find than you would think. For music listeners and music professionals, the end of vinyl seemed near not too long ago. Today, those people are being proven wrong.

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by Seth Frank; Thursday, November 24, 2011 @ 06:48 AM [3722]

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