Top 10 Ways Not To Destroy a Guitar

Over the years I have learned there are many do's and don'ts when it comes to caring for a guitar. Some I have learned from other guitarists, teachers, etc. and some I have found from first-hand experience.

My first bad experience was making the mistake of putting my guitar and amp in the trunk of my car and leaving it there for like 3 weeks. It was winter and I didn't know I had a hole in the wheel well. So, when I finally realized I had left them in the trunk and checked the trunk I found a damp amp that was moldy and an electric guitar that had rust and mold all over it. Needless to say neither could be salvaged.

Top 10 Ways Not To Destroy a Guitar

Many newbies to guitars do not know the effects that temperature and humidity can have on such a fine musical instrument. So, below I've listed 10 of the many things not to do with a guitar. Not all of these concern temp and humidity.

  1. Do not leave a guitar in the trunk of a car. The temperature changes can vary greatly and cause condensation.
  2. Do not store your guitar in a damp basement. The moisture will damage your guitar in several ways.
  3. Do not store your guitar on a stand in a room where the sun will be shining on it all day. This can get the instrument very hot and heat dries out and loosens the glue that bonds the guitar together.
  4. Do not keep your guitar in your bedroom or any other room with a humidifier running all night. The moisture will damage your guitar, crack finish, warp, etc.
  5. When traveling by plane, train, etc. you should have it in a solid case and pack soft cotton material around the guitar to keep it from banging around in the case. (As we all know how careful the baggage handlers are).
  6. When not using your guitar, store it in a guitar stand or wall hanger. Do not leave it laying on the bed, couch, floor, etc. It will get stepped on or sat on. You can depend on it.
  7. Do clean your guitar body, neck, fret board, strings and tuning machines often. This will keep your guitar in great condition and it will be easier to play. With the neck, fret board and strings clean and polished your fingers will glide over them.
  8. If you do not need or want to store your guitar in a stand, it is best to keep it in a case. It's much easier to control temperature and humidity in a small confined area.
  9. Do not leave your guitar in the back seat of a car even for a short time. It gets incredibly hot and will damage it. Same as #3 above.
  10. And last of all, if you are playing a gig and decide you just have to smash a guitar in the finally, do not and I repeat DO NOT smash your 2500 dollar Gibson. Get the 100 dollar beginner guitar that's been in your closet for years and smash that one. Unless you're really loaded and can afford to replace the Gibson.

I hope this helps in understanding the care that is needed by your guitar. I learned a few of these the hard way. I hope you don't!

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by Stephen E Baum; Saturday, March 24, 2012 @ 08:24 AM [4568]

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