Some Facts You Do Not Know About Beyonce

Everyone knows who Beyonce is and that she is probably the most famous female singer on the planet and also a star of the silver screen and now a fashion guru. She is a person of total inspiration who has millions of followers all over the world. They are truly inspired by her ability to be able to turn her hand at almost anything and make a total success of whatever she does. It proved that if this girl from humble beginnings can do it then there is hope for us all. But there are a number of things about her that are not so well known and these are revealed here.

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The Early Years

Beyoncy Giselle Knowles was born on the fourth day of September 1981 to her mother Tina Knowles and father Matthew Knowles. She was born in Houston in the state of Texas. Her family realized that she would have a talent for music at a very early age and she used to try singing songs even before she learned to speak properly. Growing up in a religious family she would attend church every Sunday as a little girl and outshine everyone, which included guest singers and the choir, with her ability to sing hymns to perfection. It is said that she developed her amazing voice at an early stage through this repetitive singing of hymns every week. As singing hymns wasn't challenging enough she moved on to opera singing around the age of 7 or 8. She then went on to win several talent shows in the Houston area and was gaining more and more attention.

Her Diet

Beyonce has the perfect figure which is extremely difficult to maintain when you lead have a superstar lifestyle as the temptations are all around all of the time. She recently revealed that here diet consists of drinking water that includes cayenne pepper and this aids detoxification. This particular diet is quite popular and is also known as the lemonade diet.

Her Charitable Heart

Beyonce has a big heart and is a very charitable person. In 2005 she became the global ambassador for the World Children's Day program and also in the same year she formed the survivor foundation for the Houston, Texas victims of Hurricane Katrina. When she was touring in Sydney, Australia she discovers that there is a little girl in the audience called Chelsea who has Leukemia and has lost most of her hair due to the continuous chemotherapy treatments that she has undergone. So Beyonce calls her up on to the stage with her and she sings a version of the song "Halo" that she specially adapts for Chelsea. The audience cannot believe it and the tears are flowing everywhere. After the song has finished she fully embraces Chelsea.

There is no doubt that Beyonce is one of the most talented singers around and it is good to know that from humble beginnings she has become a very charitable person too despite the fame and success.

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