Money Making Music

When creating, producing, distributing, promoting and selling a CD, this is an approximate percentage of sales that each party involved receives: Artist (6.6%), Producer (2.2%), Songwriters (4.5%), Distributor (22%), Manufacturing (5%), Retailer (30%), and Record label (30%). From this the songwriter and publisher will earn 50/50 mechanical royalties for paid performance royalties based on how often the song is played on the radio, restaurants or bars, or in other types of broadcasts whilst the recording artist receives a mechanical royalty for each recording sold (this contract is set up separately). A performing rights organisation monitors, collects, and pays out these royalties to the songwriter and publisher and the artist is paid by the organisation with which the song is registered and subscription digital "performances" are also paid to the recording artist since the Digital Performance Rights in Sound Recordings Act of 1995.

Money Making Music

For films the songwriter and publisher are paid a negotiated fee to use the song in the movie as well as performance royalties when the movie is shown on TV or in theaters in foreign countries. If the movie uses the specific recording of your song (known as a "master") made by the artist who made the song famous, then that artist will receive a regular royalty percentage from the fee the movie company negotiates with the record company as well as mechanical royalties if there is a movie soundtrack produced. The songwriter and publisher will also receive mechanical royalties from sales of a soundtrack.

As you can see there is a lot of division from one source of creativity - the songwriter. That is why most recording artists today have started to add creative input in the songwriting process or simply write the songs themselves. There is only a tiny percentage of songwriters and artists that are signed and recorded to be launched successfully enough to receive substantial airplay to make it into the top-40 charts, tour world-wide and sell over 1,000,000 CDs, and then repeat the process at least 5 more times to be recognized and acknowledged. The amount of work achieved by a record label and publisher to do this is immense and as an artist, band or male or female singers you need to exceptionally special.

Songwriters can also license their music. Most often you do not need a publisher or agent to do this and the amounts of money earned if successful enough are in the five-digit banking figures. Media producers that create content for media such as movies, TV series, advertising, radio or household entertainment (fitness videos for example), require clips of music. As a songwriter you can provide your music (license) to the media producer for a cost. Media producers have a library of music, so when the opportunity arises your piece may be chosen for a TV series that later on becomes a hit and the royalty earning potential is massive. Try avoid going through an agent, contact big media houses directly, like the BBC to sumit your music for consideration to be included in their library. For recording artists, voice-over work is highly paid as well, so it's worth recording script and sending it for consideration to various voice-over companies.

Touring is also a lucrative source of earning money, however you will need to be a signed artist or backed financially by a major investor to cover the huge costs involved whilst on tour: transportation, crew, band, equipment, promotion, accommodation, food and beverages, wardrobe and make-up.

If you are not a songwriter or recording artist, then money-making as a musician will either be performing on a retainer for a signed artist, studio work - a drummer, guitarist or saxophonist required for recording purposes, cover gigs or teaching. Most musicians play cover gigs, as it is the most financially stable. In Asia, there is a booming nightlife scene where music venues require high-profile bands to play six-nights per week for 3-4 months at a time - so if you love to perform there is a suggestion for a musician jobs with steady income - although it does require living from all things that resemble home to trek across the world.

Being a musician is hard work whether you are a songwriter, recording artist or instrumentalist. Ensure your skill is at a competitive level (be brilliant), be professional (reliable and business-minded) and whether you chose the label side, the cover gigs side, teaching or songwriting - just go for it. Persistence, hard work and consistency are key elements when requiring you to be successful in making money in music and it is highly achievable.

The author is a music band owner which offers its services to a variety of class especially five star hotels in Asia. There are several music bands which performs live shows six days a week. The band offers band job and Music jobs across the world.

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