Live Sound and Stage Equipment

Setting up live stage sound is no mean task. Taking in the size of the stage, the strength of the crowd, the instruments used etc, has a lot to do with how well you bring together musical products. There is a wide range of products available in the market. Depending on the kind of show you propose to have, choosing the right mix becomes very important.

Getting the right mixers

When dealing with live sound, the right kind of mixing is essential to bring about the right tone to each instrument and its ability to blend with others. Live sound largely uses powered mixers. There are several benefits to this. For starters, these mixers are best used in clubs, pubs and in churches. They are designed to fit a number of venues of different kinds.

These mixers are also as powerful as they are compact. This makes them more durable and eases out the process of set up and subsequent operation. Powered processors also come with a number of dynamic effects already built into the machine. This makes them even more useful when on the move.

Live Sound and Stage Equipment - Mixer

Focusing on the best output

Now, once you get on stage, the idea is to get your audience to hear you clearly. This means having the right kind of monitors, speakers and well as sub-woofers to do the job for you. When on stage, monitors will allow you to hear what the rest of your band is playing. They are an absolute must at a concert or a play. They are also essential for the recording process.

What they do is allow you to hear exactly what is happening around you and allow you to fine-tune your musical contribution. A great monitor is one that remains constant no matter what changes or variations there are in the sound. It will take you some time and listening to find the right kind of monitor.

The arrival of powered speakers has helped make PA system and speakers a compact unit. This has brought down the amount of hardware that has to be transported and set up and increased the clarity of the final output. While there are many who still choose to have speakers and PA systems as different units, it would do no harm to try things this way. If going the separate way, there are different kinds of stage speakers.

The classifications are based on the sound output that comes from each class. Stage wedges are placed on the floor and are angular. Side-fills, as the name suggests, are placed at the side of the stage and the sound is balanced between both of them. Stand mounted ones are placed closer to the performer, and for greater output they are attached to a subwoofer. Last but not least, you have the PA system speakers for massive crowds.

Sub-woofers are great for stage shows as they add a small thump to the output without necessitating the addition of any equipment.

Choosing the right amplifier

There are many varieties to talk about. When you are scouting for the right amplifier, you will have to base your decision on three factors. One, the power - an amplifier should be able to deliver twice the amount of power as your speakers. In cases where your amplifier can deliver occasional transient peaks without distortion, you have to make sure that your loudspeaker will allow you that much headroom or rather the space to do so. You also have to consider your budget.

For a stage show, an important component to all of the equipment mentioned above is the right kind of lighting. There is a range of lighting options for you to choose from, and your final choice will depend on what you want to achieve. Putting together a live show on stage requires the coming together of several smaller elements such as those elaborated on. Bringing them together is what being a professional is all about.

Live Sound and Stage Equipment

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