Led Zeppelin DVD

Several years ago, I picked up the DVD of Led Zeppelin, simply entitled "DVD". As concert DVDs go, this was nothing short of outstanding as it followed the band from its early days until the end. Led Zeppelin was media adverse and most of these performances were recorded without the intention of going to public viewing, however, the BBC were consigned for the Royal Albert Hall performance.

Led Zeppelin DVD

There are actually four concerts represented, the first at Royal Albert Hall in 1970, the second at Madison Square Garden in 1973, the third at Earl's Court in 1975 and the final one at Knebworth in 1979.

The Royal Albert Hall footage is professionally shot and the images are very good. But, the sound, need I say wow! The band was very aware of their image and the need to provide fans with more than the standard, straight from the record, performance. The songs were stretched and stretched again, filling in bridges with new bridges. The experimentation, very self evident in this show was only the beginning. For those of you familiar with "Dazed and Confused" from the concert movie "The Song Remains The Same" can fully attest. John Bonham's performance during "Moby Dick" was gleaming example of stretching the performance. It is exhilarating and a poignant example of a master drummer at work. This portion of the DVD is the complete show and was originally shot for BBC, hence the quality of the film is very good.

The second disc brings us to portions of three shows. The disc starts with a live video of the band performing the Immigrant Song in Australia, however, the song is dubbed onto the film from another performance later that year. The next concert footage is from the Madison Square Garden show that was released as a movie and live album, "The Song Remains the Same". The songs on this DVD were not in the movie and are strictly concert footage only. The songs included one of the great "white" blues songs of all time - "Since I've Been Loving You". This was a period of transition for the band as they moving from their hard driving blues rock to a more intimate but still bombastic sound of their fourth and fifth albums.

The DVD then moves into an Earl's Court show from 1975 to fully demonstrate this transition. This set begins with the band sitting around together playing three acoustic songs before moving back to their bombastic hard rock with "In my Time of Dying" and finishes with a wonderful version of "Stairway to Heaven" This part of the DVD provides many close-ups of the band members' performance and the total feel of this session is as if they are just playing in a room together.

The final performance took place in 1979, shortly before John Bonham's untimely death. They performed material from their soon to be released final album, "In Through the Out Door" as well as many other classics like "Rock and Roll", "Kashmir" and Whole Lotta Love". The camera angles are wonderful and as Jimmy page said, "The whole thing's like a complete assault".

Do not ignore the many extras on the two DVD set. My favourite has to be the Danish TV performance from 1969 where they play four songs with the studio audience gathered around at their feet as they played. Oh, what it would have been like to say you were there. Talk about an intimate performance for the ages. Rock mastery at its best with an audience learning the power of a new band.

There are several versions of "Dazed and Confused" on these discs and each one worth the cost of this set.

If you are a fan of Led Zeppelin, this is a must have for you and I highly recommend that you add it to your library!

by Ewan George Kenneth Brocklehurst; Sunday, November 6, 2011 @ 09:06 AM [2672]

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