How To Choose A Guitar Distortion Pedal

With all the Guitar Distortion Pedals on the market today, it can be frustrating to find the right one that is best for you. This is probably one of the most asked questions as a guitar player that is still working with their sound. I honestly believe that there isn't one exact answer for this, but I can certainly shed some light on things that you'll want to be aware of when choosing your guitar distortion pedal.

How to Choose a Guitar Distortion Pedal

One of the first things you'll need to decide is how much distortion do you want, what kind of distortion do you want, and how much tone variation do you want? All of these elements are in direct connection to the style of music that you're playing as well.

In other words, if you're playing country music and need a little extra distortion for leads, you probably won't use an extreme heavy metal pedal or Hendrix Fuzz face distortion pedal. You get the idea. Chances are you would use something that best fits your music.

With that in mind, I will say that there are several good distortion boxes that do the trick well. One great overall distortion box in the good old faithful MXR Distortion Plus. This gives a good amount of distortion without changing the color of your sound. Another great pedal to consider within the MXR line is the Micro Amp. As far as I'm concerned the MXR micro amp is a hidden gem within distortion pedals. It's actually more of an overdrive, but it pushes any amp just enough to get into a nice over-driven sound without going off the deep end. It also does not change the color of your sound.

I really like the BOSS Overdrive pedals the OD.1 and the Super Overdrive. The original OD.1 does not have a tone knob on it and it's discontinued but you can still find them on ebay. They are on of the best overdrive pedals in my opinion because they actually take the exact natural sound of the amp and simply boost all of the characteristics. This pedal works perfect with Marshall amps. The super overdrive does have a tone knob on it and allow a bit more tone shaping. This pedal is currently still available.

The best all-around distortion pedal for rock, metal, even country, is the Boss Metal Zone. WHY? Because it has a ton of distortion available and can be backed down to the littlest amount of distortion.

However, the number one reason why I say it's the best overall distortion pedal is because it has an on-board parametric equalizer section with 18db of boost and cut. This will allow you to shape almost any possible tone you can imagine, and frankly you can use this to shape your main rhythm sound.

You can take an everyday average sounding amplifier and make it scream with this pedal. It's that well-rounded. It's not un-common to see guitarists use this pedal as their main tone shaping unit, for all styles of music.

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by Bob Molton; Sunday, March 11, 2012 @ 07:53 AM [5265]

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