Hip Hop Music Beats for youth

This music has evolved from the block parties in New York to the international concerts. Hip Hop music has originated in 1970s when block parties became popular especially among the African American. Basically, Hip Hop is sub divided into four key elements – MCing/rapping, break dancing, DJing/scratching and graffiti writing. This is more than music, it is a culture. MCing/rapping has become a dominant part in Hip Hop as it evolved.

Hip Hop Music Beats for youth

Rapping is a lyrical or rhyming of words said in accordance to beats. The beats are usually 4/4, giving it a great style. Earlier rap was limited to African Americans but as it advanced, Americans started trying their hand at rapping and Eminem has successfully marked the history with his rap. Visit amazing shows in America during your holiday vacations. Plan it before and apply for ESTA before you travel to America

Hip-hop music is inspired by the streets. It is a dark poetical way to express emotions such as anger, frustration and stress. The music is truly inspiring and rap is a beautiful way to express your grief or vent your anger. It acts as a medium to express your emotions to beats which are as wild as the rapper. The words are usually simple striking a cord with its listeners.

This genre of music is the most popular at present. It has spread across the world and people listen and add to this music. This music is raw with strong emotions displayed. It has several followers and one of the widely listened music.

There are several famous people who have left their impression in this genre. Tupac Shakur has mesmerised his listeners with amazing lyrics and great music. Though he is no more yet people are inspired and talk about his music. Jay Z is considered as the most talented rapper alive. He has contributed wonderful music. Eminem has made this music a mainstream one by standing as one of the bestsellers. There are other well-known artists such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake and more who have helped this music a mainstream genre.

There are several artists who have contributed in their way to this music and this stands as a great inspiration for several. The youth today are interested in music which talks about the current situation, poverty, living environment and more. This music leaves its impression on several hearts who listen to the agony filled music. This is a true art form which is raw and the elements are strong. Though it started in New York yet today is listened by several youth across the globe. 

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