Guitar Mistakes - 3 Mistakes Made By Beginner Guitar Players

There are three mistakes that beginning guitar players make that totally destroys their ability for advancing quickly in the mastery of their instrument. If they can avoid these three mistakes, they will see a big changes in how fast they progress as a guitar player.

The three big mistakes are:

  1. Not practicing every day.
  2. Not knowing what to practice.
  3. Not having a good teacher or mentor to guide the way.

guitar mistakes 3 mistakes made by beginner guitar players

  1. Not practicing the guitar every day is a big mistake that many beginning guitar players make. Many new guitar players think that they need to practice for one hour every day. That is not true. Of course, it would be great if they could practice one hour each and every day, but in reality, the time is just not available. Most peoples' lives are just too busy to have that much free time to dedicate to one activity. A more practical approach is for them to find a couple of fifteen minutes blocks of time throughout the day when they can practice. Perhaps while waiting for the dryer to finish drying the clothes, there might be a fifteen minute chunk of time. While cooking dinner, waiting for the pasta water to boil, there's another chunk of time. Here's a good time waster, commercials while watching TV. Use that time to practice guitar. Even better, get rid of the TV and practice guitar. There really is a lot of chunks of time that can be carved out of the daily schedule for some guitar practice. To be successful at this approach though the new guitarist must use some planning and forethought.
    • Leave the guitar out and readily accessible.
    • Have an idea of what to practice.
  2. Not knowing what to practice. The new guitar player needs to know what the material is to practice when they pick up the guitar. Are they working on certain scale fingerings? Are they working on rhythm guitar and different chord changes? Are they working on various blues licks, or a certain song? Not knowing what to practice leads to endless "noodling" on the guitar, and no real practical advancement.
  3. The guitar is a hard instrument to play. There are a bunch of technical things about the guitar and music to be learned, and a lot of practical things to be learned that are best learned by being physically shown what to do, and hearing the results. That is where a good teacher becomes invaluable to the guitar student. Whether the teacher is a "live" instructor teaching through some type of formal in-person lessons, a simple DVD video lesson package, or an internet subscription course, a good teacher is necessary for quick advancement on the guitar.

If the new guitar player can avoid these three mistakes, they should be able to progress rapidly and be playing the guitar in a short period of time.

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by Jim Hess; Thursday, August 25, 2011 @ 02:20 PM [20252]

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