Famous Popular Drummers - The One's Who Made It To The Top

What makes a drummer famous? Is it his looks? His lucky break? His dress? Or is it just his playing? Whichever way drummers become famous, many of us drummers have our opinions about them. What might seem "awesome" to me is just "okay" to you and vice versa. If you have a favorite drummer then we should hear about it! But before we do that lets talk about the famous drummers who made it to the top.

In the music world there are many types of genres. There is punk, rock, punk rock, progressive rock, funk, latin, jazz, country, independent and so on. What makes a drummer good is how he/she can contribute to that style of music. Do they make the beat slam? Do they add intensity to the music or are they boring? Do they lack style or have too much of it? The drummers that I am going to list, are awesome to me. Like I said, this is up to each drummers opinion but here is mine.

famous popular drummers the ones who made it to the top

For punk rock it's Travis Barker. He is the drummer for Blink 182. This man has amazing skills in contributing to his bands songs. He makes sure of the little notes not just his speed. He hits the bell of the ride cymbal at times that I wouldn't even have thought up! He opens and hits his hi-hat at just the right odd time, and uses his toms around the drums to make the song even better. He puts a lot into the music but doesn't over play which is important. His speed is right on and that is why he is my number one for pick for punk rock.

For progressive rock it is Mike Portnoy. Him and his Siamese Monster of a drum set. One of his set ups include 3 bass drums, 2 snare drums and a ton of different sized cymbals that come in all shapes for all purposes. His style is just out of the world and his odd time signatures are just crazy! To play with Liquid Tension "30 minutes of Insanity" is just insane! His set is huge yet he utilizes everything that he needs to when he needs to and that ladies and gentlemen, takes talent!

For the independent drummer it has to be Thomas Lang. He is a German drummer who plays Sonor drums and Meinl cymbals. He came out with the DVD "Creative Control." This guy is excellent in technique. He has all his rudiments down, and can slam out with his feet what he does with his hands! He shows stick twirling demonstrations and does great cross overs on his toms and cymbals which is great. He is a very focused player and is definitely one to be afraid of in a competition.

BUT, these are just my opinions, what are yours? Do you have a favorite drummer who you think is just out of this world? Who are they? Why are they your favorite drummer? I would love to hear about your favorite famous drummer here at http://www.start-drumming.com/famous-drummers.html

Laura Taisacan from http://www.start-drumming.com

by Laura Taisacan; Saturday, June 4, 2011 @ 07:20 AM [2922]

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