Does Your Rock Band Need A Manager?

Big bands grow big egos...

No matter how big your band, there is most likely something a person, not actually in the band could do for you that would help a lot. In bigger bands, the manager is in charge of looking after your day to day diaries, scheduling gigs, promoting gigs and albums, dealing with inner band issues, resolving disputes, booking tours and hotels, taking care of security and a whole lot more.

does your rock band need a manager

In order to work out if you band needs a manager, even if it is a small band just starting out, here are a few scenarios where having a manager will really help.

Getting gigs

does your rock band need a manager 2

When you start a new band, unless you are all from already established bands, it can be hard to get well known enough that people will offer you a gig. What a manager can do is to either do some networking to try and get you a started gig or they can at least gauge the local area and work out what you need to do in order to start gigging. Usually this will involve producing some kind of demo tape.


does your rock band need a manager 1

This leads nicely on to the next area where a manager can help a band starting out. Recording is a stressful thing and can cause egos to overload. If a manager is respected by the band and has some knowledge of what sounds good and what doesn't he can really help by managing the recording process. Sound engineers can easily take advantage of novice bands and will allow them to faff around for hours as he gets paid more and more money per hour. A manager will be able to keep the band on track, keep an eye on the clock, make sure the sound guy doesn't go for a cigarette every 5 minutes and makes sure that the band stay focused on getting every track recorded and recorded well. Even cover bands or live wedding band groups need to be kept in line even if they have played these songs a million times.


One of the biggest things that break up a band is the disputes that inevitably arise. Being in a band can be a whirlwind of emotions and as performing on stage has a habit of creating monstrous egos; arguments can arise all too often. A manager can really help to control these situations by keeping people grounded and playing peacemaker.

Sam Qam is a band manager. He works with cover bands and live wedding band to ensure that they make it to all their gigs and always get paid.

by Sam Qam; Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 10:50 AM [11557]

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