Bob Dylan Biography - Great Moments in His Early Career Part 1

Bob Dylan is, without a doubt, one of the greatest and most influential songwriter/singer in history - may it be in Pop, Folk or Rock. His life has caused great intrigue, and so many are looking for Bob Dylan's Biography. His career was sprinkled with many twists and turns; and this fact has caused many of his fans on their toes.

So as for Bob Dylan's biography, I have summed it up for you by enumerating some of the biggest moments during the onset of his career.

  1. College days - for him, starting at the university means going to a bigger city and becoming immersed with the music scene in Minneapolis. Dylan made some essential strides in this city, but he continued to be mediocre as a performer. But you have to note that this is the first time he set out on his own and blossomed as a musician. This was also the period when he dropped his last name and went by the name of Bob Dylan. And yes, he dropped out of school too.
  2. Moving to New York - Dylan sets off to New York to look for Woody Guthrie. This is the first time he went to New York, and probably didn't realize that most musicians are doing the exact same thing as he. However, his move challenged him to become better as a musician; and as the story goes, he was able to pull it off and make it big within a few months time. In time, he stopped writing other's songs and was writing down his own. He was able to meet Guthrie finally - at that time Woody was admitted in a psychiatric center. It wasn't what his fan suspected but he visited Guthrie regularly and played Folk tunes for his hero.
  3. Signs with Columbia Records - Dylan began drawing attention to himself as he starts playing renditions of Folk songs. He was the first of his contemporaries to begin playing songs at Gerde's Folk City; and with some luck (and of course, the reputation of Hammond), he captured Columbia Record's attention.
  4. Played with Pete Seeger - Dylan has been dubbed as a Folksinger by the time his second album came out. Yes, he was moving away from being recognized as a wannabe of Woody Guthrie as he began writing his own songs. Columbia Records asked him to spend some quality time with Pete Seeger, who was then singing in the south at Civil Rights. It only seemed natural, as Seeger was Woody's biggest protégé.

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by Jim A. Byrne; Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 09:29 AM [2320]

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