All About Paolo Soprani Accordions

When it comes to Irish music, it is very hard to miss out the accordions. It is one of the main instruments that are used in Irish music. The first ever accordion was known to be possessed by an Austrian pilgrim and even his was a copy of he “accordean”, a musical instrument by Mr. Demian of Vienna. Demian had it patented in 1829. But somehow the pilgrim came by one of the copies and then the legend has it that he travelled to remote places with the “music box”.

All About Paolo Soprani Accordions 1The Paolo Soprani accordion is known to be the first ever accordion made in a large scale and the story has it that young Paolo got hold of the first accordion from this Austrian pilgrim when the latter had come into his house one night and asked to stay the night. In 1864, Paolo opened his first workshop and his brother helped him with it. Later they moved to a bigger house. Castelfidardo, which was until now just a small hamlet, soon became one of the biggest seats of the musical world today. It was one of the biggest markets of accordions and later other musical instruments in the mid 19th century.

Paolo started selling his instruments in the local markets and fairs and since the area was very near to Loreto, a popular pilgrim site, there were no dearth of buyers. He himself became a very good player of the instrument. That was around 1873. Thanks to Paolo Soprani, not only did the accordion make its way to the hearts and mind of people, but it was also responsible for the employment of many people, not to mention that a new genre of music within the Irish traditional music emerged, and the instrument became a major part in the contemporary Irish music industry today. Paolo Soprani continued to work for the benefit of his factory and the instrument till he died.

All About Paolo Soprani Accordions 2There are three major versions of the Paolo Soprani accordion that we have today and all three have their own unique characteristics. Diatonics, Button and Piano- these three variants are used extensively for both traditional Irish music night as well as for the formal concerts. The diatonics again has various models like Lotus, Jubilee, Elite, Saltarello, etc. The Buttons has two main models- the Internazionale 96 and 120. The Piano accordion has models like Super King, Folk, Studio and Professionale. All these models differ from each other in tone and style. The instruments are most made of wood and the body is not just about craftsmanship. Each and every strip of wood is carefully measured. The hollow within has to be made according to specifications. Since the fan is responsible for the sound, its elasticity is also of extreme importance. A standard accordion weighs around 5 to 7 kilos so the player has to bear the weight and perform at the same time for the given period of the performance.

For those who are interested in Irish music and those who want the best of accordions to play it, the Paolo Soprani accordion is truly a wonderful instrument.

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