3 Tips for Putting a Band Together

I'm most certain that at some time or another, the thought of starting up a band and playing some live shows has crossed your mind. If you enjoy music like I do and have a passion for playing a musical instrument, there is a chance that you have given some thought to forming your own band. In this article, I am going to share 3 important tips that helped me when I first started out in the music industry. Like all things in life, nothing is easy, but with a little bit of hard work we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

3 Tips for Putting a Band Together

The first tip I would like to share with you is very important. All functioning band's that are serious about what they do and want to succeed should always hold band meetings. That's right, bands should also hold meetings so that everyone understands what the bands goals are and how they are going to achieve them. Having short-term as well as long-term goals is a vital part of the bands overall success. If you plan on making it anywhere in this industry - you need to hold weekly meetings.

In addition to holding meetings on a weekly basis, each member of the band should chip in on the cost of monthly rental fee's, equipment repair, gas money to gigs - and so on. If your going to play music for a living, there is going to be times when you will have to pitch in some money in order to keep things rolling smoothly. It takes money to make money, therefor everyone in the band should split the cost up between each other. There should never be one band member paying more than someone else or someone not chipping in at all, because this can cause unnecessary problems the band does not need.

Lastly, being on time is a very important part of playing music and if you are showing up to rehearsal late everyday or finding it tough to make it to practice, there is a chance that you will most likely be replaced with someone who can make every band practice. This goes for anyone else who is showing up late or not showing at all.

A band is your business and should be treated like one in order to grow and some day become successful. Remember, the amount of work you put in up front will pay off later on down the road.

For those interested in knowing how to start a band, it can be both fun and exhausting at the end of the day. For more tips and additional resources pertaining to the music industry, you can visit http://ultimatebandstarter.blogspot.com.

by Amber C Ginter; Friday, March 16, 2012 @ 06:51 AM [4816]

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