3 Reasons Why Your Guitar Playing Sucks

Did you just start learning to play guitar? If so, you probably have noticed that there are bad days and good days. One day you can play all of chords with ease and nothing seems simpler. The other day you can hardly make a decent sound to come out. Why is that? Why do so many beginners face this nasty problem?

I definitely had struggles with my guitar skills when I first started out. In the beginning it was very hard, but in just one week of practicing guitar every day for fifteen minutes I started to sound pretty decent. Then the next week came along and I just couldn't play a decent note. Why? What went wrong? Why was it that last week I could play the same notes easily and now it sounded as if my guitar was being played by a two year old?

Well turns out it wasn't my fault. Well 99 percent at least. I learned a valuable lesson that second week of practicing guitar. What was the lesson? Actually there were three:

3 reasons why your guitar playing sucks

Lesson 1

Give time for muscle memory to build up.

When you're just starting out to play guitar your fingers are not used to being bent the way you bent them when playing guitar. So don't be surprised if by second week it seems as if you can't get your fingers to do anything right. Mine were shaking and refused to stay on the strings the way I needed them. The best thing to do when this happens is to take a break for a few minutes and start again.

Lesson 2

Trim your nails.

Have you noticed that sometimes your fingers are in proper places and you have no problem pressing the strings but the sound comes out a bit muffled? Most of the time that happens because your fingernails are too long to allow strings be pressed hard enough. If you noticed that the sound is a bit mute check your nails right away. You will be surprised how good you become as soon as you trim you nails.

Lesson 3

Make sure your guitar is properly tuned.

If everything else is under control but your guitar still sounds funky, chances are it's out of tune. You have no idea how many beginners get discouraged and quit, because they think they stink. When in reality their guitar was just out of tune that entire time.

That's it. Sound simple, doesn't it? So, next time when you are starting to sound bad remember to check three things. Are your nails short enough? Is your guitar tuned properly? Are you trying to learn new chords that you didn't develop muscle memory for?

Once you learn to play guitar you will be amazed at how much your life will change. You will never be bored. Your cool status will go way up. And it's a great escape from an everyday stresses of life. So keep on playing.

There is an easy way to learn How To Play Guitar. I get all of my lessons from Guitarzonline. They have a lot of helpful information like How To Hold Your Guitar, How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar and even offer free lessons for beginners. If you're interested in learning guitar you should check their site out. You will be glad you did.

by Stuart Vehr; Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ 09:21 AM [3307]

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