Music Publicity
Music Publicity

Music publicity is also known as music promotion which is important for any artist, band, or anyone new in music industry. With the help of promotion you can actually get yourself noticed as it is not easy for a new comer to get publicity so...

Top 5 Myths About The Music...
Top 5 Myths About The Music Business

If you are involved in the entertainment business then you've probably heard a few tall tales. The following is a list of some of the top myths about the music business.

Want To Become A Pop Star?
Want To Become A Pop Star?

Many aspirant amateur singers want to become pop stars. Are you one of them? If you are, do you have what it takes to become a pop star? The transition from an amateur singer to become a professional can be a very frightening experience and this...

Oliver Sack's Musicophilia - Book Review

This is a book review of Oliver Sack's magnificent book Musicophilia. It highlights his experiences as a neurologist in the amazing field of music psychology.

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