Some Facts You Do Not Know About...
Some Facts You Do Not Know About Beyonce

Everyone knows who Beyonce is and that she is probably the most famous female singer on the planet and also a star of the silver screen and now a fashion guru. She is a person of total inspiration who has millions of followers all over the world...

Blues Guitarist Carolyn...
Blues Guitarist Carolyn Wonderland Follows Her Own Muse

The marriage of blues guitarist Carolyn Wonderland and writer/comedian A. Whitney Brown officiated by Michael Nesmith, former member of the Monkees, was the featured wedding in the New York Times Style section on Sunday, March 6.

Top 20 Simon and Garfunkel Hits
Top 20 Simon and Garfunkel Hits

It's hard to believe that they've been entertaining us for 55 years, but despite some personal differences, they never disappoint their audiences. Here's a look at Simon and Garfunkel, individually and collectively, plus their 20 biggest hits....

How to Promote Your Band

How to Promote Your Band

Promoting yourself in the music industry is essential to success. The days of major labels ploughing hundreds of thousands into new bands have gone and more creative ways of promoting new music need to be used. Of course there are still some traditional methods that have merit... Let's take a look.

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