The Top 3 Best Jimi Hendrix...
The Top 3 Best Jimi Hendrix Songs Of All Time - And Why

Without a doubt, Jimi Hendrix is one of the Greatest Guitarist of all time. His Guitar Playing has influenced millions of Guitar players. His Approach to Guitar paved the way for a new and forever lasting way to play the Guitar!

Learning Jazz Guitar
Learning Jazz Guitar

For those who want to learn how to play jazz guitar music, jazz guitar books can be a helpful start if you understand what they are saying and have the patience to learn. However, after you download a pure pitch course, you can learn to play "by...

The Youth Of The '60s Found...
The Youth Of The '60s Found Their Voice Through Rock And Roll

An entire thought-provoking experience is often had by the individuals who are listening to Hendrix vinyl, Janis Joplin albums, Dylan records, etc. One may be reminded of the very power of humankind to rise up against oppression and strive for...

Oliver Sack's Musicophilia - Book Review

This is a book review of Oliver Sack's magnificent book Musicophilia. It highlights his experiences as a neurologist in the amazing field of music psychology.

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