Why Do You Need a Bass Guitar Case?

Why Do You Need a Bass Guitar CaseBass guitar case comes in different style, shapes and sizes. While the traditional ones - which are made from plywood or high-grade plastic - follow the contours of your instrument, others resemble coffins- just to be unique. Either way, there are a lot of reasons why you need to buy your bass guitar its own case.

With a bass guitar case, you ensure a squeaky clean guitar all the time. You cannot protect your instrument all the time. In a party or a gig where beer and foods abound, a spillage on your precious hardware is a possibility. A beer or a spaghetti sauce on your bass' pickup is a no-no. Remember that pickups are made from magnets; and magnets do not like liquids. Furthermore, the accumulation of dust, dirt and grime on your bass guitar's body will not only ruin the sleek finish but also hasten the build-up of rust on the metal parts of your guitar. Dust can sip through any surface which causes cracks in the future - which is bad for sound quality.

Transporting your instruments unprotected is an invitation for dents, dings and scratches. You don't leave your bass behind the compartment of your car without any protection; if you want a long-lasting quality on the sound and performance. The most sensitive part on your guitar is the neck; without a case, a sudden break or a fall can break your guitar's neck in an instant.

You are not only moving your guitar but its accessories as well. Pedals, strings, extra hard wares, pickups, sheet books and a lot more are as important as your bass guitar. It would be very inconvenient for your part to carry all those things with a common backpack. Guitar cases are specially equipped with compartments to carry your guitars gadgets - so you don't have to.

There are two common types of cases: a soft one and a hard one. A soft guitar case is usually made from synthetic materials like nylon and an interior made from high-grade foam. It is light and easy to carry. Most soft bass guitar cases have straps and loops with price range from $30 - $50.

Hard bass guitar cases promise total protection from any outside elements which may damage your guitar. Though a little bit cumbersome to carry, this is a must for musicians who are always on the go. Choose your material depending on your budget: aluminum, black vinyl, heavy-duty plastic and even Plexiglas. Unlike soft cases which feature zippers and buttons, a hard bass guitar case features chrome latches and hinges. Get ready to pay around $50.00 above.

Buying a guitar case is a must - whether you are a serious musician or just a casual music lover. It will make you enjoy your instrument a lot longer, increase its value and perhaps when the time comes, enable you to command a high- selling price.

Having your own instrument is not enough, you to need to know how to play bass guitar. Try out some bass guitar chords for beginners to familiarize yourself with your guitar's capabilities.

by Damon T Russell; Monday, December 5, 2011 @ 08:27 AM [1776]

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