What Makes Bass Guitar Playing Cool?

Bass guitar playing is considered by many as cool for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, the people who would say that it is cool are those who are just watching the performance and listening to the music being played. However, if you are the one playing the bass guitar, you would certainly realize also that indeed it feels cools to be on it. This very positive vibe that you would have while playing it would certainly be very helpful in making you perform even better. Infecting people with both rhythm and vibe as you pick the strings of the bass guitar.

What Makes Bass Guitar Playing Cool?

One of the key reasons why bass guitar playing is cool is that it is considered to be the easier of the musical instruments in a band next to the drums. There is really no need to indulge in very complicated styles when you are on bass, which is definitely not like when you are the one handling the lead guitar. In fact, it is common to follow only a three to five chord patterns for the bass even as the lead guitar is already handling a dozen or more. The ease in playing the instrument naturally makes the bass guitarist act cool all throughout the performance.

Despite the ease in bass guitar playing though, it is also important to note that the instrument plays a very important role in a band. Indeed, it is not at all involved with the melody in the music. But without the bass, it would seem that the music would have no life. This is because the bass is the one taking charge of the rhythm and, along with drums or percussions, the beat. While the lead guitars and the keyboards may appeal to the ears, the bass makes the listener dance or at least move his head along with the beat. Obviously, for the listener the bass makes the band's music a lot cooler.

With all the aspects mentioned above, there is no doubt that bass guitar playing is indeed cool. Of course, it is not just the instrument or the music that makes it cool. From the eyes of the audience, they would certainly think that the bassist himself is very cool. This is the reason why, even if they do not really get the limelight much during performances, bassists still catch a lot of attention. In fact, many also want to become bassists.

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by Lyle C Chapman; Friday, December 23, 2011 @ 10:58 AM [3044]

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