Top Secret Techniques Guitar Players Must Know

Guitar players know that it takes more than just theoretical knowledge and skill to play songs effortlessly and become an expert in guitar playing. Along with knowledge and skill, technique is also important if you want to be the best guitar player you can be.

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And there is what we call a "personal touch" in technique wherein your personality, values, beliefs, upbringing, and even physique affects how you apply what you learned and practiced to your guitar playing. Here are some secret techniques that must be known by guitar players.

First is to play the guitar with an honest evaluation of your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. An honest assessment is often disregarded by beginners, thinking that they can choose who to imitate and then go right in and train rigorously. Though it is possible to be as good as someone else, mere imitation of another person's skill might cause you to forget to consider that maybe you can achieve better than he/she did or worse, end up just being a copycat. So, find your niche and work from there, working to maintain or improve your strengths and working harder to convert your weaknesses to your advantage.

The second is to play with a wise understanding and evaluation of your guitar. Know the parts of a guitar and how each part works, and choose a guitar that suits your physique and level of ability. Like if you have a small frame, do not buy large guitars that may tire or injure your back during guitar playing. Then regularly check your guitar for tune-up needs and string replacements. Remember that no matter how skillful you are, it won't matter if you sound so wrong.

Another secret is to know how to listen to a song. Being able to listen to a song means you are able to differentiate the notes and pitch, and then imitating that same tone as you play it. Knowing how to listen to the notes and pitch of a song is vital because then you will not just rely on the chords but can actually play freestyle, even inculcating your own brand of sound in the song you play. Notably, most expert guitarists know how to play a song just by listening to it.

The last secret is something guitar players may already know but as they progress, they may forget about it. However, it is one of the most important. And that is, to play with love for your art. When you love everything about guitar playing, even your guitar, you tend to learn faster and have more dedication to continue on learning.

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