The Six Strings Of Rebellion

We all experience that indefinable urge to rebel during our teens, while most of us will grow out of it eventually, some never get over it. Even though the symbols of rebellion are many, however the one most teenagers relate best to is the Guitar!

The Six Strings Of Rebellion

Maybe it is because the people who have opted to make guitars a part of their public identity are the ones teens aspire to be the most, like rock stars or other iconic figures who created a stir in the society due to their unconventional behavior and were at times photographed with guitars.

This proves that guitar is not just a musical instrument anymore, rather its an image or a statement challenging the conventional. Ask just about any teenager what a "guitar" means to them and the answer might be "Awesome".

So let's first decide what really qualifies as a guitar. A guitar is a six stringed musical instrument and over the years it has acquired a number of technological enhancements. Among its ancestral humble beginnings are the cithers, citole, cittern or gittern these were 16th century hollow, pear shaped instruments with wire strings attached. Among the more modern variations are the uke or ukulele, a small guitar with just four strings to it. The Hawaiian guitar and the electrical guitar follow close behind. Today however, the world is ruled by the Bass guitars and the Acoustic guitars in their numerous variations. While the real talent of playing a guitar still lies with the guitarist, the ability to mould the sound it creates have been greatly increased with the help of technology.

Now let's see why and who turned a simple musical instrument into such an iconic symbol. Even though many names pop up when you think about WHO or WHAT makes the guitar the coolest instrument ever, yet the name Jimi Hendrix is at undeniably present at the top of every serious guitarist's all time favorite list. Another name that changed the world with his guitar and clearly defined what the term "Rock Star" now really means is Jimmy Page, the founding member of Led Zeppelin. This legendry musician created such magic with his guitar that people even today are caught up in the trance of his six strings.

Next is Eric Clapton, his mesmerizing guitar playing in his classic hit "Layla" still rocks the hearts of millions of guitar enthusiast around the world. Among others who's guitars are still rocking the world of millions are Ritchie Blackmore, Alvin Lee, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour to name a few.

But these are just a few of the artists who not only earned themselves the status of an iconic symbol of cultural revolutions of their time, but also turned the guitar into a symbol of rebellion and rock star coolness. Today the image of a Rock Star is almost incomplete without a guitar. Today the instrument has become bigger than the players themselves-since today rock music is as much defined by guitars as it is by rock stars themselves.

Now if you feel inspired enough to re-live your rebellious years all over again, here is a suggestion-this time round don't just make noise with your guitar, learn to play electric guitar online and create something you can be proud of, because in the words of my personal all time favorite guitarist Carlos Santana; "... Just as Jesus created wine from water, we humans are capable on transmuting emotion into music..."

Make yourself heard by learning how to produce great music with a guitar instead of just having it lay around in your room. Creativity is the mark of true coolness.

by Jay Laican; Monday, April 16, 2012 @ 05:20 PM [13468]

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