Saving a Favorite Guitar Pick

You either buy a guitars pick so that you can play music or because they are pretty cool to fiddle around with when you are talking to people. They will see it and just assume that you play the guitar. There is no need to correct them if you don't want to. And, if you are lucky there might be that moment that a very special person gives you their pick as a memento of one of the coolest nights of your life. It might be the night of a real big, once in a life time concert and it can be the night that your boyfriend's bar band actually rocks the rafters and makes you feel like a star's girlfriend. Even if they don't get two people to notice their music, it might be a special night because it was the first time that he said "I love you." It doesn't matter how or why or when or who, all that does matter is that you have a special guitar pick and you want to save it.

So the options for saving your pick are pretty obvious. You can have a very small hole drilled into it and wear it around your neck, keeping your pick near your heart always. Of course, there are other jewelry options, including as an earring or part of an anklet. If that is what your intention is, you have to decide if you are going to leave the pick as is or if you are going to embellish it in some fashion. On the topic of fashion, thanks to super strong and fast setting fabric glues, you can even wear your pick on your jeans, a jacket, a hat or your shoes. If you make it a habit to collect picks, then you can find a great way to showcase your collection, one that is not only funky and fashion conscious but also one that can be expanded as your collection grows.

If you collect posters or tee shirts from concerts, you can add the picks to these- adding a little bit of a personal touch to your items on your wall, allowing them to tell a story of music and adventure. On the other hand, if you are not interested in having a bunch of posters on your walls, you can put the picks in a nice cabinet or shadow box for safe keeping. For some people, these are items that would never be parted with, for others it is something that they would be willing to sell for the right price. You would be shocked by how much you could get for an old guitars pick.

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From Craig Thornburrow - A writer, small business owner and big fan of guitars"

by Craig Thornburrow; Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 07:37 AM [1991]

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