Learn to Play Guitar in 6 Simple Steps

The following are 6 simple steps in learning to play the guitar. There are different types of guitar but the focus of this article is on the six string (or seven string) variety that is generally used for rhythm and lead guitar playing. I enjoy playing on my own and with others (in bands or just jamming along with friends). There are few hobbies and activities that can provide you with the relaxation, excitement and sense of achievement of practicing with and learning to play a musical instrument. Just wait until the first time that you get up on stage in front of people and perform a few songs that you have been trying to perfect for ages. Whether it is at an open mic night in front of just twenty or so people or whether it is in your band's first gig in front of two hundred people, the adrenalin that is produced from performing live is immense.

So here goes with my six step guide to learning how to play the guitar:

Get the right gear

Find a guitar that you like. Find one that feels right to you. Everyone has different size and shaped hands and fingers and that is why luthiers and guitar building companies make guitar necks that are different shapes and sizes. Also choose a guitar and amp (if you're purchasing an electric guitar) that you like the sound of. Get the best that you can possibly afford with the budget that you've got to spend. Remember to use a cleaning cloth on your strings each time you have finished playing so that your strings don't go rusty. Find a good guitar related website to learn lots of other tips about playing and maintaining your guitar.

Get a range of resources to learn from

Purchase guitar learning resources such as text books, guitar technique magazines, cd's, videos and dvds to help you learn how to play. There are also lots of resources available online to help you including guitar music (tablature or tab), tutorial videos and information about music theory. You could also be taught by family or friends who know how to play the guitar or you could pay for a music tutor.

Learn the music that you want to learn

Choose some music that you want to learn. There's nothing worse than people who want to learn and are initially very enthusiastic and motivated about learning to play a musical instrument but are then put off by being forced to play music that doesn't inspire them or interest them by their guitar tutor.

Stick at it

We all start out very enthusiastic and then the initial excitement begins to die down but if you really want to learn to play the guitar then you need to find ways to stay interested and work through the hard bits like learning very difficult music. If you don't feel like playing then don't play. If you really do genuinely have a desire to be a guitarist then you will surely come back to the instrument after having a break. After playing alone for a while you may need something more, perhaps you need a greater challenge, so why not try joining a band. Try to find band members who are a similar age as you and have a similar level of talent, skill and experience so that you are all on the same wavelength as each other. It is also very important that you can agree on the style of music that you want to play and the songs that you want to do.

Treat yourself

One thing that I have always done is rewarded my hard work with treats. With regards earning to play guitar I have always upgraded my equipment including guitars and amps in line with my improving skill levels. Patience will make you good and practice makes perfect. New equipment and better equipment will also inspire you with new, high quality tones and help to you play better and learn new techniques. Imagine using the same or similar equipment has your favourite musical artists!

Enjoy yourself

Learning to play any musical instrument should be fun. It is true that it does take hard work but you should always enjoy learning how to play the guitar. So one day you might want to really go for it and learn scales whilst another day you might just want to take your acoustic out in the sunshine and strum along!

So I hope you enjoyed my learn to play guitar in 6 simple steps guide and hope that you do really well at learning to play.

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by Michael J Greenwood; Saturday, June 11, 2011 @ 09:33 AM [14431]

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