How to Keep a Guitar in a Good Condition

If you want your guitar to sound properly you should treat it carefully. It is rather easy if you know how to do it. The most important thing is your readiness to follow my advice. What should you do to take care of your instrument properly?

Here are some useful tips for you.

  1. It is important to maintain a special climate for the guitar. There are two main factors that you should take into consideration: temperature and humidity.
  2. Choose the temperature level that is comfortable for you. A standard room temperature will be fine. Actually, the most proper range of temperatures is between 65 and 0 degrees.
  3. Heat is worse than cold for any musical instrument that is made of wood. So, a direct sunlight is contraindicated for any type of guitar.
  4. Do not freeze your guitar! If your instrument has been cold outdoors, let it warm up in its case to room temperature after you bring it indoors. The radical temperature shift can lead to damage of guitar finish.
  5. The relative humidity should be about 50 percent (it can be 45 to 55 percent). Guitars are normally made under these humidity-controlled conditions. If the guitar gets dry it can crack. If it absorbs much moisture it can swell or buckle.
  6. Try to use a humidifier (if you can afford it) to control the humidity level. A guitar humidifier is a special sponge that you should saturate with water and put inside a guitar case. Thus, you are able to maintain the humidity level constantly.
  7. If the humidity level is too high for your instrument use a desiccant. It is a powder or crystal substance that draws humidity out of the air. It is usually packed in small packets. The silica gel is a very popular desiccant that you can find inside a new guitar case.
  8. How can you measure the level of humidity? You can buy a hygrometer. It is a special device that you can keep in a room or in a guitar case.

So, now you know some basic rules that will help to keep your instrument in a good condition. In order to get more information you can go to a local guitar store and ask for assistance. I just want you to remember that it is much easier to take care of your guitar regularly than to repair it after several years of playing.

I wish you good luck with your playing!

Gleb Borchenko is writing articles about music for 2 years. He also likes to write about guitars and equipment. So, you are welcome to visit his latest website about fender cd 60 and fender cd 100 guitars.

by Gleb Borchenko; Sunday, July 3, 2011 @ 11:44 AM [4847]

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