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If you're a beginner (never played a guitar or within the first few months of learning how to play the guitar) then I would suggest that you start learn some of the basic chords, for instance G major, C major, A major and D major. Once you have mastered these simple chords then you should try to play a more complex chord such as a F major chord. I say that this is more difficult because it is a barr chord. But don't worry everything is possible when you put your mind to it. Once you've learned these chords you are ready to start to learn some of the songs which you enjoy listening to. Choose an easy one to start with, one which a novice player could pick up relatively easily. Once you've mastered this first song you should go on to learn a more complex, but still novice, song that you enjoy. The key to learning to to enjoy what you are learning. So if you are an expert or professional player and you learned to play the guitar by learning other artists' songs then you'll know that you need to learn your heroes' songs is a great motivator.


Any pros there? Yes? Good. You'll know that you learned to play your favourite instrument by picking up that axe and having a go. Sure, some of you had lessons but a great many of you simply learned to play the guitar by being interested in music, having favourite songs and following their talented idols, maybe one day aspiring to be like them, to be famous too.

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When learning how to play the guitar there are a few tips and tricks that you can use. For instance, you need to learn scales in order to be able to improvise lead licks over established, tried and tested chord patterns. If you are at your friend's house and you're having a jam session and he or she calls "key of G" then you're going to look a little bit silly if you proceed to jam along in the key of A, or indeed, any other key that does not fit the key of G. I love to play the guitar and have picked up many tips and tricks over the years. For instance, if you cannot match the notes of a song then you might want to use a capo. Another example, and one that I have used extensively as a lead guitarist who plays lots of blues and needs to bend strings quite a lot, is to tune half a step down to Eb or E flat. This allows you to bend a lot more easily and feels much looser to play.

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