Guitar Pick

What is a pick?

Mostly made out of plastic but sometimes made of metal, picks are used by guitarists for decades. When playing a lot the fingers may start to hurt because strings are generally metal and they can take their toll on soft picking fingers. Picks also add a distinctive tone to guitar playing that can be achieved with finger nails but these too can become worn when playing for prolonged periods of time.

Guitar Pick

Why I stopped using guitar picks all the time

Guitar picks also known as plectrums have been used for years to help guitar players to get the most out of their favourite musical instruments. Not all players use picks, some use their fingers. I used picks for many years but I then began to use my fingers since I started to listen to more blues music and less hard rock and heavy metal. I just find that using my fingers feels more natural and gives a rounder, sweeter sound. I have much more control when using my fingers but there are still instances, especially when playing very fast, when anything but my favourite gauge and shape of guitar pick just will not do. I just can't play quickly enough with my fingers. But I mostly play more slowly these days. You can also use a thumb pick to compliment a standard, more commonly used pick.

How guitar picks can help to you play faster

Lots of players who play very fast licks including Steve Vai and Joe Satriani use picks to help them to pluck guitar strings. They can also be used for tapping but many guitar players opt to use their fingers for tapping. I read somewhere that Queen's guitar Brian May uses a coin to play his Red Special guitars with. I just can't seem to play fast unless I am using a pick.

Picks and valve amplifiers

Every seasoned guitar player knows that valve amps sound better than transistor amps. Rack gear may also sound great as can digital amp modelling but I still much prefer valve amplifers because of the way that they react to picking dynamics. They sound great with guitar picks and the sound really be varied by striking the string softer and harder.

Choose a pick that's right for you

I tried lots of different types, shapes and sizes of pick before I found ones that I preferred. There are floppy plastic ones, hard plastic ones and even metal ones. I prefer hard picks but every guitarist is different. I play lots of lead whereas guitarists who play lots of rhythm and chords often tend to prefer floppy picks. But there is no hard and fast rule to this.

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